Thoughtful Living

This is your life. Edited. Not apartments loaded with trendy amenities, like a rambling manuscript or a four-hour movie. Thoughtful living. Edits. Taking the best and cutting out the unnecessary. Thoughtful planning, design and functionality—the things you need and the things that make you better.

Thoughtful living is making sure everything is just right—bedrooms and bathrooms, balconies and lobbies, green spaces and social spaces. It’s the little touches you didn’t notice until you noticed them, that you wondered how you missed for so long. It’s living spaces that make you feel you couldn’t live anywhere else.

Thoughtful living includes the people who share your building and share your city. It’s the connections, the friendships and the energy of the each neighborhood. It’s not the beach. It’s not the country. This is urban living. Leave your landlord. Join our community.